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psychology statistics homework help

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Statistics refers to collecting, presenting, interpreting and making sense of numerical facts to draw sensible conclusion. In psychology there are enormous data that has been collected or observed which needs viable interpretation to make usable conclusion for the study or research. These study or research are done by psychologists to measure psychological attributes using tests or scales to describe individuals or at times, there are also measurements used for describing general properties of people or animals.


Statistics provides vital services


Evaluation and Measurement: Various tests and measures that are used in the field of psychology carry out the task of evaluation and measurement which are to be constructed and standardized. Such tests may include achievement tests, attitude scales, social distance scales, intelligence tests, aptitude tests, and interest inventories among others. With the help of statistical methods not only are construction and standardization carried out for these tests and measures but even the proper presentation, comparing, analysis, and interpretation of the results can be done.

Research: There is abundant research work in psychology where the researchers need to use statistical methods. They are useful for any researchers doing their research as they enable the accurate description, summarization of results in a meaningful and convenient form, to predict and draw conclusions, and to analyze the causal factors that may be underlying any complex or bizarre events. Researchers or even teachers, students, social workers, psychologists and educationists can use statistics and its methods to their advantage to keep track of the latest research and developments. Through this, they get help to simplify the reports of applied and theoretical research including the statistical terms used in it. And with proper knowledge of statistics, interpretation and correct use of the results of these researches will become feasible. Through these usages, it can be concluded that through statistics contribution and enrichment can be done significantly for useful research and innovations which also benefits both the society and humanity as a whole.

Day-to-Day Tasks: There are numerous day-to-day tasks that psychologists, researchers, students and teachers need to carry out where statistics will be crucial to make the tasks easier. These tasks may include knowing the individual difference of subjects, to compare the aptness of one technique to the other, to maintain various types of records, to compare results of one type of evaluation to the other, to collect important information through a survey, to survey and carry out tasks of guidance and reporting, to make predictions on the future progress of student, etc.


In psychology, there are certain variables that can be found in subjects or individuals. These differences may be found in age, sex, attitude, intelligence, height and weight, education, religion, attitude towards women, etc. Generally, the variables are classified into two- continuous and discontinuous or discrete variables.

Continuous Variables: Continuous variables are continuous series that are capable of showing no real gaps in any degree of sub-division and in practice. Hence, this variable can remain continuous by indefinitely small changes even when it passes from one value to the next. To identify continuous variable a question should be posed on if the smallest degree of measurement can be applied on that variable. Hence, weight, height, temperature, and length are examples of this variable as they can be measured in different measurements. The variables that are mostly dealt in psychology are continuous or treated as continuous instead of discontinuous or discrete.

Discontinuous or Discrete Variables: In contrast, discontinuous or discrete variables form a discontinuous or discrete series which exhibits real gap. Therefore, when there are real gaps between one value and the next, a variable is said to be in discontinuous or discrete form. The data of this variable unlike continuous variables can only be expressed in whole units which are numbers. For example, the number of children in a family, the number of cars in a family, the number of schools in a town, and the number of books in the library.


To conduct statistical analyses, measurement of variables is needed. Different types of variables involved in the analysis are measured differently. Hence, there are various scales employed for measurements that are listed below:

psychology statistics homework help


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psychology statistics homework help

psychology statistics homework help


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