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matlab programming assignment help

MATLAB is an acronym for ‘Matrix Laboratory’ and it is a platform for programming and numeric computing developed by MathWorks. Matlab is a programming language that contains its own IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and is similar to other popular languages such as Java, C#, etc. Since it is a matrix-based language it enables the most natural expression of computational mathematics. Millions of engineers and scientists use it worldwide to develop algorithms, analyze data and create models.

Our Matlab programmers help with basic & advanced Matlab homework topics including Matlab image processing, digital signal processing, Matlab control systms, neural networks, control systems, numerical methods, statistics, finance, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, FFT and more. Our solutions are professional, accurate and relevant to the question discussed.


MATLAB was first developed by Cleve Moler, who was at that time the Chairman of Computer Science Department in the University of New Mexico. While teaching Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis there he wanted his students to have easy access to EISPACK and LINPACK (Matrix Eigensystem Package and Linear Equation Package, respectively) without the hassle of writing Fortran programs. In order to achieve that he learned parse programming language and wrote his first MATLAB. The first MATLAB was written by him in Fortran with matrix as its only data type. And the first version of MATLAB was developed as an interactive matrix calculator with no programming language and it had no programs, toolboxes, and graphics in it.

While teaching the graduate course in Numerical Analysis in Stanford, Moler introduced his class to this matrix calculator. One of his students showed Jack Little, an engineering program graduate at Stanford, MATLAB and it was him who adopted it for his own work. It was Little who suggested that creation of commercial based product based on MATLAB was viable. Little believed in the potential of MATLAB to evolve and wrote a new and extended version of it in C.

PC-MATLAB was released on December, 1984 followed by Pro-MATLAB a year later. Both Little and Steve Bangert made significant modifications and improvements to MATLAB and created its new and extended versions including adding the features of functions, toolboxes, and graphics.


Engineers and scientists in diverse fields like predictive maintenance, finance, medical research, and climatology use MATLAB for organizing, analyzing, and cleaning complex data sets. There are multiple features in MATLAB to achieve these, some of them are listed below:

Graphics: Ready-to-use graphics along with customizable functions and interactions are available in MATLAB to plot and share the data.

Data Analysis: MATLAB can be used for data analysis including organizing and exploring data, analyzing data with less code, and to expand analysis by making few changes. Tools such as organizing of data using datatypes designed for time-series, categorical, text data, and tabular are available. Iterative tasks such as labeling data or training machine learning models can be done interactively through MATLAB apps.

Programming: MATLAB is a programming language that expresses both array mathematics and matrix directly. MATLAB can be used widely from simple interactive commands to developing applications on a large scale basis. Some of the features are elaborated below:

Hardware: Through this feature, real-world inputs and outputs can be directly received and sent from MATLAB. C, HDL, or PLC code can be automatically generated from MATLAB algorithms and can be run on FPGAs, microprocessors, and more.

Parallel Computing: With parallel computing toolbox one can speed up their work by taking control of local multicore processors and GPUs. Parallelizing of MATLAB applications can be done by using high-level constructs without the use of CUDA and MPI programming.

Desktop and Web Deployment: Through this feature people in an organization who work in MATLAB can share their work with those who do not have access to it. MATLAB based programs that are used can be deployed as add-ins for Microsoft Excel, as standalone applications, and software components which can be integrated into enterprise and web applications. And to protect the intellectual property of the person sharing their work all his/her applications and components are encrypted. Sharing of such work can be done royalty free.

MATLAB on the Cloud: This feature enables those scientists and engineers using MATLAB to speed up their development processes. MATLAB can be accessed in the web browser using MATLAB Online. MATLAB models and MATLAB analytics can be deployed and incorporated into cloud-based application without recoding them into another language.



Matlab is one of the best technologies available and is well-known for the mathematical operations that are performed on matrices and linear algebra. It also provides the fastest IDE for the functioning of mathematical computation, and contains one of the best mathematical package libraries where support is provided for all fields of mathematics. Flexibility is also provided for designing new interfaces as per individual needs.


Disclaimer: All of the above information has been shared from publicly available sources for information only. All copyrights acknowledged.

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clcClear command window
clearClear system memory
clear xClear x from memory
commandwindowopen/select commandwindow
whoslists data structures
whos xsize, bytes, class and attributes of x
ansLast result
close allcloses all gures
close(H)closes gure H
winopen(pwd)Open current folder
class(obj)returns objects class
save filenamesaves all variables to .mat le
save filename x,ysaves x,y variables to .mat le
save -append filename xappends x to .mat le
load filenameloads all variables from .mat le
verLists version and toolboxes
beepMakes the beep sound
doc functionHelp/documentation for function
docsearch stringsearch documentation
web google.comopens webadress
inputdlgInput dialog box
methods(A)list class methods for A


distrndrandom numbers from dist
distpdfpdf from dist
distcdfcdf dist
distrndrandom numbers from dist
hist(x)histogram of x
histfit(x)histogram and
*Standard distributions (dist)norm, t, f, gam, chi2, bino
*Standard functionsmean,median,var,cov(x,y),corr(x,
*quantile(x,p) is not textbook version.
(It uses interpolation for missing quantiles.


edit filenameOpens filename in editor
AltDisplays hotkeys
F1Help/documentation for highlighted function
F5Run code
F9Run highlighted code
F10Run code line
F11Run code line, enter functions
Shift + F5Leave debugger
F12Insert break point
Ctrl+Page up/downMoves between tabs
Ctrl+ShiftMoves between components
Ctrl + CInterrupts code
Ctrl + DOpen highlighted codes le
Ctrl + R/T+Comment/uncomment line
Ctrl + NNew script
Ctrl + WClose script
Ctrl+Shift+dDocks window
Ctrl+Shift+uUndocks window
Ctrl+Shift+mmax window/restore size


format short 		Displays 4 digits after 0
format long 		Displays 15 digits after 0
disp(x) 		Displays the string x
disp(x) 		Displays the string x
num2str(x) 		Converts the number in x to string
num2str([’nA is = ’	OFTEN USED!
num2str(a)]) 		!
mat2str(x) 		Converts the matrix in x to string
int2str(x) 		Converts the integer in x to string
sprintf(x) 		formated data to a string


addpath(string) 	adds path to workspace
genpath(string) 	gets strings for subfolders
pwd 			Current directory
mkdir 			Makes new directory
tempdir 		Temporary directory
inmem 			Functions in memory
exit 			Close matlab
dir 			list folder content
ver 			lists toolboxes


xlsread/xlswrite 	Spreadsheets (.xls,.xlsm)
readtable/writetable 	Spreadsheets (.xls,.xlsm)
dlmread/dlmwrite 	text files (txt,csv)
load/save -ascii 	text files (txt,csv)
load/save 		matlab files (.m)
imread/imwrite 		Image files


keyboard 	Pauses exceution
return 		resumes exceution
tic 		starts timer
toc 		stops timer
profile on 	starts profiler
profile viewer 	Lets you see profiler output
try/catch 	Great for finding where errors occur
dbstop if error stops at first error inside try/catch block
dbclear     	clears breakpoints
dbcont 		resume execution
lasterr 	Last error message
lastwarn 	Last warning message
break 		Terminates executiion of for/while loop
waitbar 	Waiting bar


abs(x)absolute value
epffloating point accuracy
sum(x)sums elements in x
cumsum(x)Cummulative sum
prodproduct of array elements
cumprod(x)cumulative product
diffdifference of elements
round/ceil/fix/floorStandard functions.

*Standard functions: sqrt, log, exp, max, min, Bessel

*Factorial(x) is only precise for x < 21


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