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Do my Solidworks homework? We specialize in providing help for Solidworks homework, assignments & projects, covering all aspects of CAD, CAM & CAE including Solidworks 2D & 3D CAD, design, drawing, assembly & simulation. Expert help for FEA, motion study, heat study, stress analysis and more.

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Welcome to the best Solidworks homework help website for college & university assignments. We do Solidworks homework, assignments & projects. Contact us for Solidworks 2d & 3D CAD, drawings, design, assembly modelling, surface modelling, wireframes, Finite Element Analysis (FFEA), heat study, motion study, stress study and more. We deliver urgent Solidworks CAD assignments within 24 hours.

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If you need your Solidworks homework or project to be delivered on priority, ask us for urgent homework help so that we work on your Solidworks homework and deliver it within 24 hours, or maybe even earlier, if possible.

We are open 24x7. You can contact us any time you need Solidworks homework help. Send us your Solidworks homework details, with a simple message such as "Do my Solidworks Homework" and we will get in touch with you right away. If you wish to send us an email, our email id is info@homeworkhelpzone.com. To chat with us on Whatsapp, click here. (Our Whatsapp number is +1.289.499.9269). You can also chat with us on our website. Our CAD engineers are highly trained and can help you with basic as well as advanced Solidworks homework topics/questions.

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Solidworks is one of the most commonly used Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) software in the world. It is owned by the French software corporation called Dassault Systemes. With Solidworks, every aspect of the product development process can be digitally created and accelerated even before it heads into the physical manufacturing phase. Solidworks delivers tools that are inter-connected and easy-to-use. Solidworks uses a parametric design which is an effective tool for both engineers and designers alike. It allows a designer to see the effect any changes will have on its neighboring components and to know overall solutions. Using this feature, designers can easily and quickly spot and correct issues.

Solidworks was first set up in December 1993 by Jon Hirschtick. It was first based in Waltam, Massachusetts, where he recruited a team of engineers with the objective of producing a 3D CAD software that was accessible, affordable, easy-to-use and available on the Windows computer. Later, it operated from Concord, Massachusets and it was then Solidworks released its first product called Solidworks 95 in November, 1995. This was the first notable modeler for Windows and a huge step in the ensuing evolution of CAD. Even though AutoCAD was released much earlier, Solidworks had introduced 3D modeling to that category. 3D CAD had become the focus of the 1990s with Solidworks changing the engineers’ method of approach in bringing their creations to life. In 1997 Solidworks was acquired by Dassault Systemes and Jon Hirschtick continued as a board member for the next 14 years. Under him, Solidworks went on to grow to be a $100 million revenue company.


The Solidworks family of products offers the user a number of options to choose from, including the option to select an on-premise version or a cloud version of Solidworks. A comparision between the various Solidworks packages, Standard, Proffessional & Premium, as below:

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD: There are three packages available in Solidworks 3D CAD: standard, professional, and premium. These packages include simulation, design, cost estimation, CAM, data management, sustainable design, and manufacturability checks. These packages and their features are further elaborated as follows:


Solidworks MBD: Through SOLIDWORKS Model-Based Definition (MBD) 3D dimensions, tolerances, notes, Bill of Material (BOMs), datum, and other annotations can be defined and organized. Furthermore customizations of publishing templates for manufacturing like Incoming Inspection Reports, Request for Quote (RFQ), and Part or Assembly Specifications are also available. Widely accepted formats like STEP 242, 3D PDF, and eDrawings can also be publish for clear 3D communications.

Solidworks DraftSight: DraftSight was launched in 2010 and it is an advance desktop 2D and 3D CAD that has both powerful time-saving functionality and an API to boost design projects. It contains the features for functionality, productivity tools, and file compatibility that are required for creating, editing, viewing, and marking up any 2D or 3D DWG-file with efficiency and speed. Due to a familiar User Interface (UI) quick transition from a user’s current CAD application gets facilitated. The list below contains multiple versions of DraftSight from which the user can choose from:

Solidworks Electrical Schematic: This package provides easy-to-use, standalone, and electrical design tools that helps in defining electrical interconnections efficiently for complex electrical systems. It has an easy-to-use and an intuitive interface where automation of complete tasks can be done including terminal drawings and contact cross-referencing. It boosts product development through concurrently decreasing the repetitive tasks that are connected with developing electrical schematics. There are two packages available in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic, viz.

Solidworks Electrical 3D: It enables easy integration of electrical schematic design with SOLIDWORKS 3D product model. Through SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D, electrical components can be placed and SOLIDWORKS routing technology can be used for interconnecting electrical design elements within a 3D model automatically. Additionally, 2D schematics and 3D models are synced so that changes are updated automatically. Some of the features in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D are electrical component library, real-time synchronization, auto-routing, 3D electrical cabinet design, embedded electrical system design planning, electrical design in 3D CAD, and collaborative electrical-mechanical development.

Solidworks Electrical Professional: Through Solidworks Electrical Professional, its electrical schematic design capabilities can be combined in one package with the 3D capabilities of Solidworks Electrical 3D. Planning of embedded electrical systems necessitate a unified electrical toolset which can provide both single and multi-line schematic tools. Some of the features of Solidworks Electrical Professional are as follows:

Solidworks PDM: Solidworks Product Data Management (PDM) solutions enable a user to have control of their design data. It significantly helps a team to improve its management and collaboration skills on product development. Data files and documentation can also be managed for maximizing productivity and improving product quality. There are three SOLIDWORKS PDM packages which are listed below:

3D Experience Solidworks: Solidworks 3D CAD solutions can be connected to the 3D experience platform which is a single cloud-based product development environment. It provides a robust and intuitive set of 3D design capabilities that can be synthesize with conceptual design with subdivision modeling and data management. There are two 3D EXPERIENCE Solidworks offers that are listed below:

Solidwowrks CAM: Solidworks CAM is powered by CAMWORKS and it is an add-on to all versions of Solidworks CAD. Rules-based technology is used in Solidworks CAM that enables the user to merge manufacturing and design in one application. Due to this both design and manufacturing teams get connected through a common 3D model and software tool. The Solidworks CAM package are listed below:

Solidworks Inspection: Through the Solidworks Inspection add-in 3D files containing Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI) and ballooning of engineering drawings get automated. Through this the creations of industry-standard inspection reports get streamlined and the time needed for recording inspection measurements get minimized. There are two SOLIDWORKS Inspection package that are listed below:


This is a latest application of SOLIDWORKS that was recently launched. This has been added with countless new enhancements that will further help in accelerating streamline and innovation leading to speeding up product development process from a mere concept to manufacturing. Some of the new features are as follows:



It is easy to get Solidworks homework help. Here is how it works:


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We are here to help. Our mission is to get you the highest marks for your Solidworks homework assignments. Our Solidworks CAD experts will be happy to help you anytime. We are only an email away-drop us an email at info@homeworkhelpzone.com. Best efforts put in by our homework experts guarantee best results to our customers.

Do my Solidworks Homework


We like to keep things simple and straight-forward. No complicated processes or extended wait times. And need to chase us for status updates-we will keep you updated with progress at every stage. No surprise delays. No putting up with rude customer care executives. We are absolutely committed to delivering your completed Solidworks homework on time.

It is all as simple as getting in touch with us and telling us exactly what you need and when you need it. Share any relevant documentation. Tell us if you would like us to follow any particular referencing style. Specify the word-count. Give us all this information and then sit back and relax. We will keep you updated with progress and once done, we put it through internal quality checks. And then, we email it to you on the scheduled delivery date.

Do my Solidowrks Homework

Do my Solidowrks Homework


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